How do I choose the best Inventory Management Software for WooCommerce for my growing small business?

In choosing an effective inventory software for your business running on WooCommerce you need to take into many factors. Here are some 7 things that I have come up with in my over 10 years of working with my clients.

What does a small and midsize business owner need to look out for when selecting an Inventory management software for WooCommerce.

  1. Stock Management
    • Make sure your inventory is able to track multiple levels of variations of products. Easy Stock update.
    • Able to update stocks from purchase order or directly update incoming stocks in multiple warehouses or outlets. 

    • Also track lost, damaged or returned products.

  2. Multiple Marketplace / Multiple eCommerce Sales Channels
    • Your inventory needs to be smart enough to connect with other marketplaces like  Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Shopify, Lazada, Qoo10 and many more. 

    • Real time update of these stocks is key for a successful Inventory management.

    • Allow multiple applications to integrate with your WooCommerce. Like connect two or more WooCommerce to 

Inventory management for WooCommerce


  1. Fulfillments

    • Fulfillment of orders must be more efficient using stock takes and batch tracking.
    • Pick & pack, and ship with a barcode scanner, and printing of barcode labels is important in an inventory management system.

    • Integrating with leading Fulfillment apps is very crucial in managing shipments.

  1. Consignment

    • The ability to track consignment is a time saving and Inventory tracking tool that comes in handy for wholesalers and some retailers.

    • So as a consignor you are able to track the stock level in the consignee outlet anytime in real-time. 

    • Lost stolen and damaged inventory is just a few clicks away.

  1. POS

    • How easy is the inventory management system integratable with a POS system?
    • Look for a cost effective POS solution. Easiest is Web based POS as it can help you get started fast without even investing in hardware, just from your computer or Laptop or even iPad or tablet.

  1. Price Books

    • In Wholesale business or in some retail to promote loyalty for some customers for their bulk purchases it’s always a good idea to have price books containing special discounted prices for different customers. Do staff need not remember the special pricing for a customer.
    • When an order is raised the special pricing should be automatically applied to this customer making it very easy to raise Orders and Invoices.

  2. B2B eCommerce Platform

    • It saves so much time and hassle with your own private B2B online store, An B2B catalogue where your retailers or Wholesalers make orders from through this digital Catalogue.
    • Enabling them to make pre-orders for products out of stock is a faster and more efficient way to manage wholesale orders.

    • Especially offering a personalised Catalogue and unique price list for each unique buyer.

These are 7 things to look for Inventory management software for WooCommerce for a growing small and medium sized business. 

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