Inventory system for small business

Small businesses unlike large organizations are not required to invest huge sums of money like $100,000’s or thousands of dollars to manage their inventory system. Also, they need not have a more sophisticated system in place for keeping track of their inventory. It’s not required for small businesses to use expensive systems. 

However,  Small businesses can use extensive systems like large organizations too thanks to the Asalta Inventory system for small businesses. Asalta Inventory is specially designed with many years of experience working closely with many small businesses and their needs. Asalta inventory fully tracks and automates exactly, how you need it for your startup, small business, or growing larger business.


To get started with Asalta Inventory system for small businesses follow the simple steps below:

  1. First, make a list of the items you’re keeping track of. 
  2. Keep track of how much of each product you have, 
  3. the items you’re ordering, 
  4. the items you need to order, and 
  5. the number of days before you need to order more. 

How can you keep track of all your items in a small business? You need a reliable inventory system. Without Asalta Inventory It’s important for you to keep track of the number of days before you’ll need to order more. If you keep track of all of this information, you can make sure to have plenty of your items on hand, without over-ordering. An inventory system allows you to keep track of the inventory of your business.  However, the Asalta Inventory system does all these functions automatically, allowing you to focus more on making your products better and increasing your sales.

The Asalta inventory system is a great way for a small business to track and make note of its supplies, suppliers, manufacturer, barcodes, SKU, multiple variants, expiry dates, First In First Out (FIFO), Last In First Out (LIFO). Other document management like Generation of Purchase orders, Receiving of goods, raising new Sales Orders, generating Quotations if needed, creating new Invoice from orders or quotes, return of sales, auto-generation, deliveries, packing and many more… Asalta makes it easier to know if you’re running low on something and saves the money of purchasing unnecessary amounts of supplies. It’s also easier to see how much you’ve spent and what you’ve made in the business. 

Asalta Inventory system for small business - Stock take
Asalta Inventory system for small business – Stock take

Asalta Inventory is a wonderful tool for small business owners to implement in just minutes to hours depending on the size of your business. and can be done quickly and easily. It makes the job of managing the inventory while still doing the other necessary work of the business a lot safer and more organized. 

With the ability to integrate with many of your favorite apps. Asalta makes your entire business operate seamlessly. Check out the Asalta Integration section for all the integrations available. Now you can leave the heavy lifting to Asalta and now you can focus on your business better with Asalta Inventory.

This way, you can tell when you need to restock your inventory, so your customers don’t have to wait too long. Also, you’ll be able to check when items go out of date. You can start using Asalta inventory for small businesses, for less than a dollar a day. 

Try the Asalta Inventory System for small businesses for FREE today! and perceive how Asalta inventory can help your business. Book us for a FREE no-obligation DEMO of Asalta Small Business Inventory Software.