POS for Small Business

POS for Small Business Point of Sale (POS) is an old way to manage your business transaction in a store. However,Omni-channel Asalta platform enables you to better manage your inventory, sales, and marketing of various outlets from one central dashboard. … Read More

Small Business Inventory Software

Small Business Inventory Software  In this fast phased digitalisation of technology, small businesses need good inventory software to manage their business. In the eCommerce, retail business sector, it is important that small companies have a way to track their inventory. … Read More

Inventory management for WooCommerce

Inventory management for WooCommerce How do I choose the best Inventory Management Software for WooCommerce for my growing small business? In choosing an effective inventory software for your business running on WooCommerce you need to take into many factors. Here … Read More

Multichannel E-commerce Platform (MEP) Solution

Multichannel E-commerce Platform (MEP) Solution If you’re in eCommerce and keen to export your products to overseas or international markets for better exposure and awareness of your brand and products, you can leverage on Asalta MEP. The main advantage of … Read More

How to sell from WooCommerce to Shopee

How to sell from WooCommerce to Shopee The act of purchasing products online is all time high at this point. Be it a Physical or digital buy, customers have begun to rely vigorously on online gateways. In such a situation, … Read More

How to sell from WooCommerce to Lazada

The practice of buying goods online is at an all-time high now. Be it a digital or physical purchase, consumers have started to rely heavily on online portals. In such a scenario, it is extremely important to tap into that … Read More

What is POS?

The term Point of Sale (POS), also known as point of purchase, represents the time and location where retail transactions are made (which pretty much encompasses all business transactions). And within the world of automated digital operations POS is a … Read More

What is CRM and how can it help your business?

How can CRM help your Business Having a positive relationship with your customers is one of the most influential factors in maintaining a successful business. Now, imagine if a digital system which does that for you, far more efficiently than … Read More

Can Inventory Management improve the efficiency of your warehouse?

Can Inventory Management improve the efficiency of your warehouse Digitalization has taken over the world of business and is now the backbone of many organizations – small and large. Retail inventory management software is one such form of modernization which … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Inventory Management

A Beginner’s Guide to Inventory Management In today’s world ‘Inventory Management’ is a term widespread across all business and services. Yet, not everyone is aware of the existence of such a practice. And that’s where this article comes in – … Read More

PHP Hardening & Security

PHP Hardening & Security Hardening Patch for PHP – The Suhosin Hardening-Patch for PHP provides low-level protections that cannot be implemented with an extension such as Zend-created vulnerabilities and PHP core vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows and format string vulnerabilities. … Read More