Best Human resource management software for small business

Being a small business owner is no easy task. You have to manage every aspect of the company from finances to marketing. You also have to make sure there’s enough time to oversee new employees from the hiring process to … Read More

HRM Software

Predictive analytics is a huge part of the modern workforce. It allows for HRM practices to be more efficient and it also helps prevent poor practices. In a bad workplace, employees may be overworked and underappreciated. Asalta HRM software allows … Read More

Best POS System

If you’re looking to run a business and need the right POS system for it, you should take a look at the Asalta’s complete POS solution we offer. We’re a leading business technology company, which means we’re up to date … Read More

Online POS System

A POS system can help streamline your business operations. If you are looking to improve the way your business manages inventory, deals with customer orders, deals with employee time tracking, or deals with its accounting, Where Asalta POS system can … Read More

Ecommerce store Software

If you’re looking to launch an ecommerce store or looking to improve your existing one, it’s important to have the right software. Asalta is a good option for beginners and pro ecommerce stores alike. It has a great interface, a … Read More

Ecommerce Website Software

Ecommerce Website Software A study done by an ecommerce website developer reveals that there are many types of ecommerce website software in the market today. There is Magento, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Asalta, and many more. The type of ecommerce website software … Read More

Inventory Management Tools for Small Business

Inventory Management Tools for Small Business Inventory Management Tools for Small Businesses are essential to keeping track of your profit margin, your profit, and your inventory. This helps you stay aware of what items are selling well, and which items … Read More

Online Ecommerce Software

Online Ecommerce Software The ecommerce industry is booming. Whether you’re interested in creating your own ecommerce website or selling your products on somebody else’s, you’ll come to realize that there are not enough ecommerce applications out there to choose from. … Read More

Best Inventory Management Software for Small Business

Best Inventory Management Software for Small Business  There is a lot of stress that comes with running a small business. Invoicing clients, and inventory management are just a few of the things that can cause you to lose sleep at … Read More

The Best Ecommerce Software

The Best Ecommerce Software Are you wondering, on how  to choose the best eCommerce software for your business? There are so many good ecommerce software systems out there. But which ones are the best? Do you need a custom solution … Read More

Best Point of Sale System for Small Business

Best Point of Sale System for Small Business The best Point Of Sale (POS) for small business in 2022 to 2030 is a cloud based POS that works on web browsers. So business can get started with the new POS … Read More

Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses

Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses Looking for the best inventory management software for small businesses? You don’t have to look any further! We found that A-Smart Software was the most reputable software for managing inventory for small businesses. Asatla … Read More

CRM Management Software

CRM Management Software A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is … Read More

Best POS for Small Business

Best POS for Small Business When it comes to owning a retail business, there are a lot of things you have to worry about. One of the things you have to worry about is how you are going to manage … Read More

Inventory management system for small business

Inventory management system for small business Irrespective of how small the business is, managing inventory is very important. The first step in inventory management is to know what to buy. There are many factors to consider when buying inventory, three … Read More

CRM system for small business

CRM system for small business Asalta CRM system was designed for small businesses not only to manage the basic functions of leads, sales and Customer for small and growing businesses. Asalta CRM’s main focus is on marketing, marketing workflow automation … Read More

Human resource software for small business

Human resource software for small business A Human resource software for small business is important when you are in the need of keeping track of all the information for your employees. There are several different softwares that you can use … Read More

POS for Small Business

POS for Small Business Point of Sale (POS) is an old way to manage your business transaction in a store. However, the Omni-channel Asalta platform enables you to better manage your inventory, sales, and marketing of various outlets from one … Read More

Small Business Inventory Software

Small Business Inventory Software  In this fast-phased digitalization of technology, small businesses need good inventory software to manage their business. In the eCommerce, retail business sector, it is important that small companies have a way to track their inventory. This … Read More

Inventory management for WooCommerce

How do I choose the best Inventory Management Software for WooCommerce for my growing small business? In choosing an effective inventory software for your business running on WooCommerce you need to take into many factors. Here are some 7 things … Read More

Multichannel E-commerce Platform (MEP) Solution

Multichannel E-commerce Platform (MEP) Solution If you’re in eCommerce and keen to export your products to overseas or international markets for better exposure and awareness of your brand and products, you can leverage on Asalta MEP. The main advantage of … Read More

How to sell from WooCommerce to Shopee

How to sell from WooCommerce to Shopee The act of purchasing products online is all-time high at this point. Be it a Physical or digital buy, customers have begun to rely vigorously on online gateways. In such a situation, it … Read More

How to sell from WooCommerce to Lazada

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What is POS?

The term Point of Sale (POS), also known as point of purchase, represents the time and location where retail transactions are made (which pretty much encompasses all business transactions). And within the world of automated digital operations POS is a … Read More

What is CRM and how can it help your business?

How can CRM help your Business Having a positive relationship with your customers is one of the most influential factors in maintaining a successful business. Now, imagine if a digital system which does that for you, far more efficiently than … Read More

Can Inventory Management improve the efficiency of your warehouse?

Can Inventory Management improve the efficiency of your warehouse Digitalization has taken over the world of business and is now the backbone of many organizations – small and large. Retail inventory management software is one such form of modernization which … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Inventory Management

A Beginner’s Guide to Inventory Management In today’s world ‘Inventory Management’ is a term widespread across all business and services. Yet, not everyone is aware of the existence of such a practice. And that’s where this article comes in – … Read More

PHP Hardening & Security

PHP Hardening & Security Hardening Patch for PHP – The Suhosin Hardening-Patch for PHP provides low-level protections that cannot be implemented with an extension such as Zend-created vulnerabilities and PHP core vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows and format string vulnerabilities. … Read More