Asalta POS Modules

Asalta Point Of Sale helps you optimise your sales process, inventory management and loyalty program. Most importantly, Asalta POS software helps you improve your customers shopping experience with your business.


Sell anything you want with or without internet access, Asalta POS keeps ringing up orders and saving transactions. When your connection comes back, the data is automatically synced back to the cloud. Easily navigate through product variants and modifiers, and add customers Accept multiple tenders at checkout. Perform all tasks from a single screen.


  • Select Customer
  • Select Location
  • Product search
  • Product filter
  • Barcode scanner
  • Intelligent Bundle identifier
  • Sell Gift card
  • GST
  • Payment
  • Add Multiple Payments
  • Cash Register
  • Open Register
  • Close Register
  • Suspend Sales
  • Suspended Sales List
  • Cancel sales
  • Sales Receipt
  • Opening and Closing Stock
  • Consignment sales
  • Open Register List

User Management

Monitor attendance,
Track performance,
Cloud based employee scheduling,
Secure access to your system
Security and Accountability.
Assign specific privilege and permission to employee

We make administration as easy as possible, As an Asalta POS admin you can Create User Permissions, Create New users and can create new user group and create permission for the group that they can access.
Owner and Admin user groups are with fixed permissions and any other user group added by you, can have custom permissions
Users are the staff members (your employees). You can add any number of users and assign them group (manager groups and permissions in settings), biller and warehouse.

User module

Admin can create users and can assign role for users

Contact management

Asalta POS is a great tool to help businesses deal with the vital task of managing your contacts, organizations and vendors.

Gives you a complete list of your contact as customers, suppliers and consignees Using Asalta POS. You can add the list of customers during the sales, where they are awarded loyalty points.

Location Management

Create multiple Sales location and stock locations, shift stock between them, receive and send goods from a specific location.

Barcode Management

Generate the barcode within the store interface, print it and stick, or scan the existing barcode which the manufacturer printed, and add the UPC to database easily. Scan the barcode label to find the product and add it to cart, or update inventory, or modify the product properties. You can print your barcode directly.

Bundle Management

Asalta POS helps you to increase the sales by motivating the customer to make purchases as bundles. You can Bundle your Products on different combination and by different promotional price.


Each bundle can be edited to contain image, barcode, Cost price, Selling price, taxable option, description, notes.


Asalta POS web API enables developers to integrate CRM functionality into virtually to any Accounting system, Inventory System, Queue management and wireless paging system. Asalta POS is tightly integrated with Asalta Inventory management system.

Loyalty Management

Loyalty you can award points to your loyalty Customers, by which you can retain and build a good relationship between you and customer, know how much your customers have spent and what they’ve purchased. Awarding points
Earn X points per Y spend
Customer can purchase gift cards by using the loyalty point gained from previous purchase


It’s all about taking the right decision at the right time. Measure performance at any level of details and on anything – item, employee, store and more. There’s always room for improvement. Take advantage of our many context sensitive reports and dashboards.

By using the Asalta POS report where you have to dig to find actionable data to improvise on the future sales and purchases to obtain the effectiveness in the business. The reports are as following.

  • Profit and loss report
  • Purchase behavior of a customer
  • Product behavior
  • Daily sales report
  • Monthly and periodic sales report
  • Staff sales report
  • Purchase report
  • Supplier Report

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