Asalta - An End-to-End Business Automation Software

Asalta - An End-to-End Business Automation Software

Be a Asalta Partner

Empower your clients with Asalta’s beautiful End to End Business
Software with full support and earn commissions.

The Perks of Being a Partner.

Because a partnership should be a two-way street.


Simply refer clients using a customized URL, email or sign-up
on their behalf to start getting paid. Asalta Partners receive a
20% on-going revenue share or 200% bounty


Just refer your client to our team and our friendly support
geckos will make their onboarding as smooth as possible.

The Asalta Partner Program - You & Your Client

We’re here for both of you.

For Your Clients:

Our friendly round-the-clock support geckos will help your clients set up their
account and sync their add-ons with Asalta.

For You:

We’ll make it easier for you to help your clients! Just refer clients you think will be a
good fit and we’ll take care of the rest.