Why Asalta?

There was someone who asked us there are many of software companies why Asalta?
Asalta is not just yet another software company, selling software’s.
We believe in providing holistic solutions to customers to improve business productivity and improve efficiency. We also help business to increase their revenue at the same time through our solutions.
Any Retail, wellness, health, should think of only one software solution to automate their entire business and also help in increase the business revenue;that is Asalta.

Our Purpose

The world of consumerism is slowly destroying our planet Earth. This generation is living like we have many more Earth’s resources. Education should start from home with parents setting an example. When a woman is empowered thought a good society is created.
We are people with a heart, we help underprivileged women, children and Leave behind a better environment for the future generation.
A good percentage of Asalta profits are set towards achieving our purpose.

Our Culture

At Asalta we believe, the great service in business is about making customers happy and company culture is about making our Customers and employees happy, so with Asalta we combined the two and make a single aim of simply “Delivering Happiness”.

Our Vision

We started Asalta for the sole reason to assist small and mid-sized online businesses; and to this day, that purpose is still at the heart of everything we do.
We see so many business owners where their business has taken over their lives and it’s gone from being a passion to keeping up with the rate race.
Our Vision is to enable every small and mid-sized business entrepreneur to build an online business of their dreams.

Our Mission

We want to help the entrepreneur running a Cosmetic shop, a fashion label or a fun creative t-shirt business to get out of their spreadsheets, stock-takes or using multiple apps to and go back to doing what they love; creating perfect cosmetics, designing the latest clothing range or open up with more creative ideas.
Our mission is to be the end to end commerce software platform that powers millions of businesses worldwide.
Asalta enables these entrepreneurs with the right tools, to operate and make insightful decisions to scale-up their businesses and enjoy what they do the best.
Asalta is an All-in-one end to end platform for commerce business worldwide.

Our Core Values

  • We're in the business of Customer Service; Customer Excellence is our Priority.
  • We will serve customers with the best of abilities, so they get the best out of Asalta.
  • We do everything Ethically conduct Honesty and Integrity with Respect for Individuals.
  • We Continuously improve in everything we do.
  • Our Motto "Always better than yesterday!".