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Asalta Testimonial

Asalta's ability to integrate with many platforms was the key differentiator back then when we embarked on using Asalta back in Jan 2021. As a multi-national company, we have worked with many big software companies like Microsoft and even some small startups. I must say the key differentiator today after using much software is Asalta's customer service. Every time we needed help the technical team was always there very forthcoming. Any issues we have are always resolved within an hour, if not within half a day. Such a bespoke service is only Unique for Asalta.

If you are looking for software's, I definitely recommend Asalta services.

Mr. Billy Luo, COO, (SF Trading) Sustainable Family

Before using Asalta we struggled with tracking our inventory, and sales. Every day my staff took pictures and WhatsApp me and there were always errors. Forecasting my stock was just my experience of staff on the ground that led to overstocking and being out of stock. After using Asalta Inventory, sales everything is now error-free and fully automated and I can use it from my phone from anywhere. Asalta's customer service has been always there and helping me and my team anytime when we need help. Our business has grown two times after using Asalta over a year ago. Asalta is the software to go for all retail businesses.

Ms. Joan Guirindola, Owner, J&R Motorcycle Parts and Repair

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

Challenges we faced basically before using Asalta, we ended up overselling on Lazada, Shopee and one website. I have to be present to manually keep changing the stocks and updating the orders. Especially during the sale days, there are too many errors. After on-boarding Asalta. Managing products was a lot of hassle we had to sit there and manually add or remove the images and content. After using Asalta everything has become so easy. The products, sales and inventory just sync across all platforms like a breeze.

Asalta Support is really good. They're all on WhatsApp and I mean, they reply to your chats instantly. So once it's all set up if there are any queries or any issues within 20 seconds they'll reply and if they cant right away they will let you know. I recommend anyone basically if you are on multiple platforms, Asalta basically takes care of everything.

Mr. Shane Glynn, Owner, Australia Health Warehouse

You know in the world of software there are those that know software (let’s call them ‘geeks’) and those who know people – that is to say they’re concerned with the user’s experience PLUS they are super people to work with. Arun is all three rolled into one – when you’re working with Arun on a project: first you’re working with someone who is simply great to work with second, you’re working with someone who knows their ‘stuff’ third (and perhaps most importantly of all) you’re working with someone who cares.

It’s a great – and all too rare – combination.

Mr. Paul Dunn, Chairman and Co-Founder of B1G1

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

The CRM that we had purchased from you is a great software. It has helps me to perform my daily my works more efficiently by cutting at least 60% of my working hours in updating and maintaining my customer records. It also gave us a peace of mind as the system will auto backup all my customer records, our previous manual recording cannot do so.

I will definitely recommend your CRM to my fellow profession. Cheers!


We have been working with Arun Karthikeyan at Asalta for over a year now. We employed him to design and implement our website and we have been very happy with the work that he and his team have produced.

The great thing is that we have consistency so that when we need to make changes that we cannot do ourselves, Arun is always happy and available to make those changes for us.

He knows our company and what we need in a website and he is also very good at suggestions to improve our ideas.

As a doctor, I do not have the expertise in this field. We are delighted to have found a company that has and we have no hesitation in recommending Arun and Asalta to others.

Dr. Tim Errington BSc DC (USA) - Total Health Chiropractic

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

Service standards and turnaround time for any requirements from website updates to starting new systems within the website front end or back end is very efficient!

We have now got a more user friendly and attractive website with good support from the tech team at Asalta. Definitely the go to guys for solutions and issues you may be facing to quicken and make more efficient!

It’ll be an awesome experience you will remember! Cheers!

Emile Dumont - CEO, ThePostureLab, Singapore.

These guys are great at technical programming solutions as well as general web development work.

Mr. David Anttony - Managing Director.Magic Webs

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

I am very happy with the service provided by Asalta whom I worked with directly, was very efficient and provided excellent service. I would certainly recommend their services to my friends.

Ms. Maureen Pestana - Director, Peranakan Inspirations

When I speak of Asalta, the very first two things that comes to my mind are 1) Superb value for money 2) Patient and friendly service

Let’s face it, with the above two criteria, what more can you ask from a web programmer? In addition, the staff at Asalta has contributed countless advice on aspects such as marketing, user navigation, and design. I am very heartened to know that the advice were given with lots of goodwill and friendship. This shows that they want to see you succeed and also value a long lasting working relationship.

And when it comes to meeting deadlines, Asalta will do what it takes to meet YOUR requirements

A hugely satisfied customer I am, 3 Cheers to Asalta!!!

Mr. Justin C – Director - I Love Football Pte Ltd and Two Dollar Movie Pte Ltd

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta Testimonial

Asalta has so far done a great job in providing me with the system that I need, in order to make my backend job less tedious and allowing me to keep track of my business data more accurately.

Their team of professionals are also efficient in handling both my pre and post sales enquiries – which is certainly a plus point. And for that, I won’t hesitate to recommend them to my fellow entrepreneur friends or further engage them for my future business needs.

Keep up the good work!

Ms. Jeslyn - Owner, Eshopaholics

I am very happy with the service provided by Asalta, M/S Ethel the staff appointed by Asalta to serve me was very efficient, responsible and provided excellent service. I would certainly recommend her to my friends.

Mr. Alfred Chee - Wiseland Contact Lens & Optical Centre

I am thankful to Asalta for providing a very good service! I’m recommending them to my friends.

Ms. Aidah - Director, Aidah Bridal & Boutique

Asalta has provided our group of companies with outstanding, beyond expectation design and technical support which is the level of services unknown to us before. Their commitment of getting the “job” done, was beyond our initial expectations. Their effective turnaround time between job order, delivery of product and product support was phenomenal. Taken into account the project requirements to being delivered during the holiday season we can only comment the Company and its management to a job well done.

Mr. Andreas Wimmer - Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director,ASC (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore

Excellent technical capabilities with quick and immediate services. I’ll recommend Asalta to anyone who wants quality and fast online or technical services.

Ms. Amy Tan - Senior Brand,Executive.Publicis Modem Singapore

Young team, highly talented, thanks for good quiz software. It was very reasonable pricing better then what we received from all the other companies. We are looking forward to be doing more and more business with you.

Ms. Patricia Lee Mei Yee - Student Development,Singapore Institute of Management(SIM)

Folks at Asalta have been extremely accommodating in terms of getting our web site up in time and in the look and feel we wanted. They have work relentlessly in trying to meet my aggressive timeline and fixing bugs on a quick turn around that meet our business need. I endorse their quality and timeliness, I recommend them for your web or e-commerce development unequivocally.

Mr. Meng Yang - Speaking Roses Singapore

We are very pleased with the service provided by Asalta. They had did a good job in following up all the necessary details of the system.

We will definitely recommend our friends to use their service.

Well done!”

Mr. Richard Lim - Director, Plus Minus EyePoint