In-Store POS

  • Check Livestock reports by branch
  • Take orders using Tablets or Mobile Devices
  • Sell products in offline where internet is not available and synchronize with system when internet is Available
  • Products can be sold individually or by combination of Bundles with bundle price.
  • Integrate with Existing POS machines
  • Show unlimited products without having to show them physically
  • Use QR code / Barcode to Scan and directly enter order/invoices

Sales Team

  • Easily Assign Leads to Salesman
  • Manage Salesman Commissions
  • Analyse Sales by Salesman
  • Manage Leads & Track Sales Pipeline
  • Track Invoices and Tasks
  • Create Opportunities & Track Your Sales Effectively
  • Track Sales Quotation’s stages of progress including lost deals
  • Save time & drive more sales with Pre-Defined Sales Email Templates

Sales and Delivery Process

  • Sell and Buy in single platform
  • Attach Scan Documents to Transactions
  • Create Customer-Wise Pricing Schemes
  • Track Sales Data at Multi-Warehouse/Branch Levels
  • Create back to back purchase orders from Sales Orders
  • Create Sales Discount

Inventory Management

  • Use Multiple Product Codes to Track Items
  • Real-Time Inventory Reports with Stock Value
  • Monitor your Negative stock with Control and Alerts
  • Attach Documents or Product Pics to Product Master
  • Track Stock Locations Item-Wise & Analyze Inventory Turnover
  • Group & Sub groups for products.
  • Fix and Re-Order Levels, Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) & Safety Stock.

Retain Your Customers

  • Launch Discounts with Quantity
  • Each and every purchase made by customer gains loyalty point and by making use of loyalty point customers can purchase products.
  • Products can be sold individually or by combination of Bundles with bundle price.


  • Send Mass Request for quote (RFP) to vendors
  • Compare quotations and approve the best deals
  • Enter Payment Details from Invoice Module
  • Generate Outstanding Purchase Invoice Report
  • Identify Preferred Suppliers for each & every Product
  • Add a Self-Service Portal to facilitate flow of information to suppliers quickly


  • Setup Users with Maker & Approval Privileges
  • Create Custom & Multi-Level Approval Process
  • Setup Custom Approval Hierarchy based on amount
  • Get Approval Request Alerts
  • Export Reports to Different Formats (PDF, Excel Etc)

Human Capital Management and Payroll

  • Compliant to IRAS Regulations
  • Capture & Manage Employee Records
  • Define Pay by Monthly, Daily and Hourly
  • E-Leave to apply & approve leave online
  • Generate ePayslips and send it via email
  • Integration of Sales Commission to Payroll
  • User Defined Roster for Shift Management
  • Integrate Time Attendance (Biometric Scanners and Face Recognition)
  • Online Submission of Expense Claims on the go