Contact management

Customer 360 Degree View

Asalta CRM gives you the 360 degree views of your customer. Which provides you with outstanding customer experience.

Leads Management

Effective Lead management starts with knowing your leads. Asalta CRM tells you everything that needs to be known about your lead.


Sales Pipeline

Asalta gives you the clear view into your sales pipelines, by quickly looking at the number of deals in each stage. Know where each and every prospect in your pipeline, and what needs to be done to move them forward. Easily move your deals in the sales pipeline, by dragging and dropping the deal from one stage to another stage.

Customized Pipeline

Create multiple pipelines customized pipeline,with the required deal stages. You can accurately capture the progress of the deals.Know where each and every deal is in your pipeline accurately on a glance.



Create and publish Web forms with Asalta CRM,that requires no coding or scripting. Web forms give you multiple options to generate quality leads and the form responses are traceable. Web forms are fully customizable.

Trigger Action

You can setup the action trigger for the forms and their responses.The action Response to the form can be tracked and refined.

Calendar Management


Planning and scheduling are important when it comes to all business events. Calendars are the right choice that shows you the list of events by day, week and month. Asalta CRM calendar helps you track the upcoming events, Todo task and calls that are scheduled.


Easily add and edit the status of your event by adding and inviting people to the Event. Events are reflected in the calendar.

To Do Task

Asalta CRM helps your team stay organized. Track team's progress and get immediate notifications on tasks and updates. Track everything you or your team does and track their status.


Users will be notified through calendars of approaching deadlines on tasks assigned to them. Get activity reminders via email.

Marketing management


Create role based group logins in Asalta HRM for your HR, managers, and other employees etc. and let them view only data that’s important to them. Set profile permissions so that employees can access.

Campaign Management

Create, send, and track email campaigns, that help you build a strong customer database. Build your audience, run targeted email, SMS and call campaigns, and increase your reach.


Get notification of all the events in the Asalta CRM in one place.



Asalta Allows integration with different systems such as Accounting Software, Payment Services, Marketing Services and Google Calendars. and more are fully integrated with Asalta crm so you can manage your business with just one system.


Get visibility into your business at a glance on the Asalta dashboard. Charts and dashboards quickly show how your business is doing to take the stress out of reporting. Print, download and export reports on various business activities.