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Right package for getting started on Inventory

$50per monthbilled monthly
$39per monthbilled annually
  • 3 Users
  • 8 Integration channels
  • 1,000 Sales orders /
  • 2 Warehouse
  • 100 SKU
  • 3 Users
  • 8 Integration channels
  • 1,000 Sales orders /
  • 2 Warehouse
  • 100 SKU


All you need for a growing business

$180per monthbilled monthly
$139per monthbilled annually
  • 7 Users
  • Multiple Integration channels
  • 4,000 Sales orders /
  • 5 Warehouse
  • 3,000 SKU
  • 7 Users
  • Multiple Integration channels
  • 4,000 Sales orders /
  • 5 Warehouse
  • 3,000 SKU


Go to package for Large business with higher order volumes

$260per monthbilled monthly
$199per monthbilled annually
  • 10 Users
  • Multiple Integration channels
  • 5,000 Sales orders /
  • 6 Warehouse
  • 4,000 SKU
  • 10 Users
  • Multiple Integration channels
  • 5,000 Sales orders /
  • 6 Warehouse
  • 4,000 SKU

All Prices in USD

Add Ons

You can buy multiples of each add-ons

Sales Channels

$10 per sales channel/ per month.

Sales Orders

$10 for every 100 sales order/ per month.

No. of users

$10 per user/ per month.


$50 per warehouse/ per month.


“Blocks of 100 SKU” @ $10 per SKU Block/ per month.
SKU can be bought only in multiples of 100.

20% discount applicable for all Add Ons when bought for a year.

Feature Comparison Plans

Sales Integration channels8 15 MultipleMultipleMultiple
Sales Orders per month1,0002,0004,0005,000Multiple
Offline sales orders per month1,0002,0004,0005,000Multiple
No.of Inventory items (SKU)1002,0003,0004,000Multiple
Integrations815 Multiple Multiple Multiple
B2B eCommerce Store*
Support Offering24/7 Email24/7 Email24/7 Email24/7 EmailMultiple
*Coming soon

Plans for businesses that require more

Inventory Management Software

Need On Premises or Private Cloud

Setup for your business?

Inventory Management Software

Need Tailormade plan for your business?

Get our custom made Enterprice plan to manage more and
more orders for bigger businesses!

Frequently asked questions

How long do I get to try Asalta Inventory?

You can sign up and try Asalta Inventory for its full capability for 14 days after which, you can to subscribe to a suitable pricing plan that fits your business needs.

If you think 14 days are not enough to fully explore the system, we’re more than happy to extend your trial. Once your trial expires, contact our sales team by emailing them at [email protected]

Asalta Inventory is cloud-based inventory management software with complex automation, high security, and 24/7 support. To get started with Asalta Inventory Enterprise Package, Contact Sales send us an email at [email protected]

Absolutely, while we’d hate to see you go, you can cancel the subscription at anytime.

100%. All your data is completely secure and we protect your account with high level of security in place. Our technical team constantly run security vulnerability scans and tests to make sure everything is safe and secure.

Asalta offers support 12 hours a day.
Support availability:
Monday - Friday:
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 1:30AM to 1:30PM
CLOSED on Weekends & Public Holidays.
Support is provided via email and support ticket.

For any queries, feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We’d love to hear from you! Contact support at [email protected]

To help you get started with Asalta Inventory we provide an extensive knowledge base that consists of useful help articles and video tutorials. Check it out here.

Asalta Inventory has different modules to cater to different areas of managing your stock.

  • Get the whole picture of your business with our smart Dashboard.
  • Connect easily with your customers and vendors with Contacts.
  • Record and manage your stock with Items and Category.
  • Create bundles with Item combination.
  • Document sales and send invoices.
  • Restock your inventory with Purchase Orders.
  • Generate real time and multi-perspective Reports.
  • Expand your reach to new markets with Integrations, which connects your organization with popular online sales channels, providers, online payment gateways, accounting and CRM software.
  • Tailor your organization to suit your needs and preferences with Settings.
  • And much more… Start a FREE Trial to try out for yourself

Get the complete overview of your organization at a glance with our Asalta smart dashboard, that gives you the synopsis of your items, sales and purchases. To further aid you with getting the bigger picture, most of the numerical data displayed in the dashboard is hot-wired with the associated module.

Asalta Inventory supports the following features:

Stock management:

Creating and tracking the inventory (stock flow) of Items and Categories. Composite Items -Bundling of items. Serial Number Tracking - For tracking individual units of an item. Customize your item prices by creating price lists and assign them to your favorite customers, sales orders and invoices. FIFO, LIFO and Average cost method can be Selected, stock reports, sales, purchase and activity logs.

Customer and vendor management:

Recording customer and vendor information for communication, monitoring and transaction. Smart interactive dashboard for a quick look at the Big Picture.

Order management:

Create sales orders, raise invoices, get paid instantly by integrating a payment gateway, Manage reorders, create purchase orders, record deliveries to your warehouse using purchase receives.


Integrate with popular e-commerce platforms and monitor your stock flow across multiple sales channels. Secure your money by integrating with time tested online payment gateways. Seamlessly integrate with our accounting platform.

As of now we have 3 editions which are based on the country chosen by the user during the quick setup of the organization. The taxes are handled differently across different editions.

Global edition - Tuned for the ever-changing conditions of the world, this edition will be applied to all users whose country is not the Singapore or India.

Indian edition - available to users who have chosen their country as India during the quick setup of their organization.

Singapore edition - available to users who have chosen their country as Singapore while signing up.

Each industry has its own needs and the volume of their needs is directly proportional to the scale of their business. To cater to your specific needs, we have an array of pricing plans. No hidden costs! No strings attached! You can take a look at our pricing plans by clicking on this Link

Yes. Asalta Inventory supports barcode scanning in the web app.

For Items:

You have to key in the bar code of the item as the SKU of said item in Asalta Inventory manually or using a barcode scanner.

Open a new transaction like an Invoice.

Place your cursor on the Item Details field.

Scan the barcode of the item. You’ll see that the line item is automatically added.

Follow the above step to scan more items, which will be added consecutively

For Serial Numbers:

Barcode scanning feature can also be used on serial numbers In Invoices.

Physical Stock: In this mode, your stock will increase when a Purchase Receive is made, and the stock will decrease when an Invoice is made to the customer.

Yes. we do track Expiry Tracking.

You don't need to be tech person in order to use Asalta Inventory. Our system is very simple and does not require technical training. Our simple dashboard allows you to handle all your business operations from a single place.

Products and contacts can be added through spreadsheet imports.

Furthermore, your sales and purchase orders populate automatically with your data.

Moreover, we also allow you to easily track and update your order status with a visual overview or generate reports depending on your needs.

Onboard Training videos and help manual is available for you to get started and to guide you if you need help anytime.

No. Your discount is applied only for one time purchase. If you choose to upgrade or downgrade your account you will not be eligible for anymore further discounts.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please read our full FAQs or talk to us or Send us an email. Our team of specialists are available to discuss your business needs and answer any questions.

Warehouse, Outlets are locations where inventory items (stocks) are physically kept and or sales activities are carried out. Each pricing plan comes with X number of locations. You can perform any number of transfers within the inventory limit of your plan. If you need additional locations you can buy those locations as add-ons. You will only be charged for active locations.

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