Point of sales

Device Adaptability

Sell from a tablet or PC. Asalta POS can be managed across multiple devices such as Ipad, Android tabs and Windows PC.

Cash Register

Helps in managing your cash flow by, Opening the register at the beginning of shift and closing the register at the end of shift. And print the cash flow report for the Shift.

Barcode Scanning

You can easily integrate with most of the barcode scanners.The process of adding products to the checkout is made easier and simpler. By eliminating the process of typing the Product SKUs manually, by which the check out process is made easier and run your business smoothly.

Sales Management

Sales Management

Asalta helps to manage all your POS sales efficiently and effortlessly. You can sell your products easily on POS. By easily adding products to cart by scanning them the barcode, receiving payments and checkout by printing the receipt.


Provide the receipt to customers, in the way they prefer either by printed recipy or sent receipt to an email.

Price Book

You can assign price lists with special discount rates for your best customers and customer groups.

Return Sales

Easy Return and Refund of past sales. Provide refunds for individual items or for the entire order.


Increase customer retention by providing discounts. Provide discounts based on dollar amount or based on percentage. Can provide discount for a single item or whole order.

Inventory Management

Inventory List

Keep all your inventory organized with details such as prices, costs, and availability of products.

Stock Notification

Receive notifications about the low stock Items, to make the purchase of the necessary item in time.

Import Items

Add thousands of products to inventory quickly by importing, your products using CSV-spreadsheets.

Bundles (Composite Products)

Define a group of Items that are sold as a single packaged unit.

Inventory history

Track the flow of your inventory by viewing adjustment log.

Outlet Management


Transfer items by creating documents and shift stock between your Outlets.This way will help you keep track on the movement of each item without any hassles.Stock.


Asalta Inventory allows to increase and decrease the stock level of the products, which are Damaged and returned.

Customer Management

Customer profile

Managed your customer profiles Centrally, whether they buy and what they buy you in-store in on Online or Outlet.

Bulk import

Bring your existing customers to Asalta by easy CSV import.

Purchase history

Know your customers better by tracking their purchase history linked to their profile.

Purchase Management

Purchase Order

Asalta puts all the necessary information on the supplier and product details at your front when creating a purchase order.


Asalta allows you to create an auto purchase order when the item quantity hits a particular level. and the purchase order is sent for Approval to be sent before to the supplier. Which helps you to maintain the stock level hazel free.

Loyalty Management

Reward Points

Motivate customers by awarding loyalty points, to make recurring purchases.

Customers database

Analyze your customers by the number of visits and the customer purchases amount, to identify your loyal customers.

Contact Management

Record Customer information

Automatically Record all your customer information details and status made by every customer in the database.

User Management

Create N number of users, and assign them different roles that they can perform in the system.

Employee Management

Employees Sales

Track each and every employee's performance and make informed business decisions.

Access rights

Manage user credentials provided to the employee. Restrict access of your employees to sensitive information and functions.



Asalta Allows integration with different systems such as Accounting Software, eCommerce platform, marketplaces, and payment gateway. andmore are fully integrated with Asalta crm so you can manage your business with just one system.



Get visibility into your business at a glance on the Asalta dashboard. Get details of important notifications, and the overall health of your business on Asalta Dashboard.

Purchase Report

Get notified when items that are running low on stock and that need to be restocked. Know when items will be received from the supplier.

Inventory Transaction Report

Find inventory transactions details reports of items one location.

Sales Report

Know your overall best selling product and your best customer .

Store Balance Report

Monitor stock balance availability of items in a single click.

Export Reports

Export your report as CSV and PDF at a click.